Wholistic Package

The Wholistic Package

Six 90 Minute Sessions – Private Coaching

Experience deep transformation during this powerful six session package. Get exclusive access to Monique to lock in the skills and gain the confidence and courage you need to stay the course and experience stunning success and joy.

Price: $1,500.00


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0 Creative Vocal Workshops


Unleash Your Authentic Voice

Creative Vocal Improv is a series of groundbreaking workshops designed to help you unleash your authentic voice. There are NO vocal requirements to participate in any of these workshops – only your desire to explore your voice and to connect with what you really want to say in the world.


This introductory workshop provides a delicious, nurturing, creative space where you will find yourself in a circle with 6 to 10 fellow students. Collectively you will compose several pieces of original music in an improvisational style. You will learn practical skills in the art of vocal improvisation while discovering your authentic voice… learn more

0 Sing, sing, sing! 5 Week Online Vocal Improv Course


A 5 Week Online Vocal Improv Course


Five Week Online Program
 August 5 – September 2, 2013
+ Weekly Coaching Call
Fee:$200 USD

Sing, Sing, Sing! is a part of our Vocal Improv series, designed to help you sing your way to a more creative and improvised life. You will uncover your true your authentic voice and love what you discover in the process.  This powerful technique works for professionals, hobbyists, and those who are terrified to open their mouth in public. You will have the opportunity to learn these skills and practice in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

What Will I Gain?

You will take risks and be stunned by the rewards.
You will have an experience of your authentic voice.
You will learn how to improvise right on the spot and sound great!
You will grow confidence in your ability as a singer.
You will have a ton of fun and take this new-found courage into your life.

Click here to learn about all our creative vocal workshops. Questions? Shoot me an email at monique@moniquedebose.com

Price: $297.00

0 Episode 2: The Tragic Mulatto Chronicles


An Important Meeting

the tragic mulatto chronicles

I’M SCHEDULED TO MEET A PRODUCER who’s done a ton of respectable work with some of music’s biggest talent. (Michael Jackson anyone? Yikes!)

I sit feverishly at my digital piano working through song ideas from the last three years: ideas scribbled down from early morning dreams; transcripts from relationships that worked (or didn’t); random musings that felt inspiring at the time.

My baby sleeps upstairs for his morning nap. I’ve got two hours (at most) to myself. As much as I want to bang this out on my pink baby grand in the living room, (it’s how I feel most connected to my music) I  remain at my digital piano playing stiffly with Apple earbuds jammed into my ears. … Continue Reading