0 Episode 3: The Tragic Mulatto Chronicles

Taking Off The Nice Girl Muzzle

the tragic mulatto chronicles

THE ALBUM REVEALED ITSELF TO ME in no subtle terms. I think I was in one of my moods of feeling misunderstood, frustrated and like I needed to take the ‘nice girl’ muzzle off. My mom and older sister will tell you that I am moody. My younger sister and husband will say that I allow myself to have my “feelings”. I think it’s just two different takes on creativity.

I was talking on the phone with my girlfriend Meagan about the complexities of coming from two cultures that haven’t always seen eye-to-eye. And we were discussing the mastery of navigation skills it requires to live a successful life. Laymen’s terms?  We were talking about the positives and negatives of being both black and white in America. … Continue Reading

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0 Tragic Mulatto Chronicles

The Tragic Mulatto Chronicles

In preproduction. And I’m terrified of making this record.